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TWF announces Share Your Story contest winners

Scholars submit essays/videos to receive $1,000 grant toward college
TWLC student Kayla Graver took first place with her video, Tiger Woods Foundation TWLC student Kayla Graver took first place with her video, "Transform with Math & Science."

The Tiger Woods Foundation is excited to announce the winners of the Share Your Story contest! Scholars of the Tiger Woods Learning Center and the Earl Woods Scholarship Program were invited to participate in this biannual contest to receive a $1,000 grant toward their college education.

Students from the Learning Center and Earl Woods Scholarship Program were asked to answer a prompt in either essay or video form and one winner from each program was selected in each category.

Tiger Woods Learning Center participants were asked to describe why math and science are important and what role the subjects play in their lives.

Loi Nguyen, an 18-year-old student at Marina High School, has attended the Learning Center since 2009. She won the essay category with "Biology, Numbers, and Why It Matters," sharing the story of her mother's diagnosis and treatment for bladder cancer and how watching her mother's treatment and recovery increased her appreciation for math and science.

"After enduring the experience with my mom, I returned to school with a changed attitude toward math and science. Equations were no longer meaningless numbers. I learned the tangible applications that science and math can contribute to the real world through healing and medical usages," wrote Loi.

For three years, Kayla Graver, a 14-year-old student of Oxford Academy, has been attending the Learning Center and received first place in the video category for her piece titled "Transform with Math and Science." Through her stop-motion narrative and colorful imagery, she explained the importance of math and science in today's marketplace, technologies and everyday life.

"In the future I am going to use math and science to get a good job and transform the world," said Kayla while shaping her hands in a heart around the globe.

Earl Woods Scholar contestants submitted entries describing how they felt when opening their college acceptances letters, knowing their hard work had paid off and they would have the opportunity to go to college.

Earl Woods Scholar and UC Berkeley sophomore Erika Adre won the essay category with "Altered Perspectives," sharing the struggle she went through after getting an acceptance letter to UC Berkeley at the same time she received a rejection letter to her dream school.

"It was the first time I experienced my hard work not reaping benefits," wrote Erika. "I learned to look at the bigger picture by not dwelling on the mistakes and mishaps in life, accept things that aren't in my control, and most importantly, to be thankful that I got into a university, especially UC Berkeley. I believe the outlook that I gained from this experience is more valuable to me than the happiness I might have felt if I had gotten into Harvey Mudd College."

UCLA junior Nhung Nguyen, 20, won with her video titled "Christmas in Spring," which showed through a slideshow of handcrafted pictures her story of discovering her lost UCLA acceptance letter in the spam box of her email.

Her video ended with the words, "UCLA, here I come! And it was a beautiful day."

We want to congratulate these students on their creativity and dedication to their future education. We are proud to support them in their college endeavors and thank them for participating in TWF's Share Your Story contest!