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Scholarship Program

    • Mentor/Scholar Program

      Upon acceptance into the program, each scholar
      is partnered with a dedicated mentor, who serves as an advocate, career coach and personal advisor throughout their college experience.

    • Internship Program

      The Earl Woods Scholar is provided with real-life work experience through specialized internships offering career-building opportunities while
      helping students prepare for the workplace.

    • Higher Ed Initiatives

      The Earl Woods Scholarship Program offers various higher education initiatives, ranging from town hall meetings, guest speakers, field trips, summer scholarships and college prep meetings.

  • Important Dates and Information
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    Class of 2013

    In June 2013, the Tiger Woods Foundation celebrated the third class of Earl Woods Scholars who graduated from prestigious universities across the country. Congratulations to each and every one of them on their tremendous accomplishment. Hats off to you!

    Earl Woods Scholars

    Since inception, the Tiger Woods Foundation has
    welcomed nearly 100 deserving young students to the
    Earl Woods Scholarship Program, providing them with individualized support, admissions counseling, college scholarships and dedicated mentors.

    Significant gifts

    TWF thanks our recent guest speakers for volunteering their time and offering invaluable workshops to our scholars.

    Provide an internship

    Are you or your organization interested in providing an internship opportunity for the Earl Woods Scholarship Program?

    Are you ready to Be Someone?

    Empower young people to reach their maximum potential by supporting the programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation.

    College access for the underserved

    Since its inception, TWF has reached millions by delivering unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities.