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Summer Academy Camp


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The Summer Academy at the Tiger Woods Learning Center is an exceptional experience. Our innovative approach emphasizes hands-on experiments, goal setting, career exploration and positive youth development. All Summer Academy members will receive 18 hours of instruction in their core class along with three enrichment workshops for the week. Participants select a desired core class from the six subjects listed below:

Core Classes

Video Game Design: Create your very own video game using the latest game development software. In this class, you will learn basic programming logic to create challenging levels and unique power-ups that will keep your players playing. Customize 2D graphics in your game and learn tools in Adobe Photoshop to enhance images and text. Best of all, you'll be able to take your game home with you to amaze your family and friends.

Velocity Racers: A racer is more than four wheels and a body. In this class, you will be required to use engineering skills and will be tasked to create three racers powered by solar panels, mousetraps, magnets and an air-fueled projectile. You will understand how potential energy converts into kinetic energy to accelerate these vehicles. Mechanical engineering skills will be taken to the next level by applying tension, friction, torque, inertia and Newton's Law. After building your velocity racers, you will take them home to share with family and friends.

Resourceful Robotics: Learn cutting-edge robotics engineering techniques by building and programming robots that can be operated independently or in competition with another robot. You will learn to program with electronic circuit schematics, block diagrams, sensors, gear drives and more. Experiment with mechanical design and explore renewable energy sources to create the most efficient robot. Become proficient in LEGO MINDSTORMS programming, which is used by engineers and scientists today. Are you ready to build the intelligent agents of the future?

Comparative Zoology: Dive into the Animal Kingdom and explore the psychology and physiology of bugs, reptiles, amphibians and mammals at a molecular and anatomical level. In this intensive biology class, you will investigate the digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory and excretory systems of animals while identifying the physiological differences of each species. Explore first-hand the exciting life of an expert biologist through hands-on experiments that include the dissection of various creatures.

Food Chemistry: Ever wonder what makes up the food you eat? Or how it got to your plate? Come discover the nature and chemical behavior of food. When it comes to food, we can all be chemists; you may just not know it yet. So bring your appetite and learn the science from the farm to the table.

Fairway Fundamentals: Come explore the sport of golf at a state-of-the-art facility with world-class instruction. Examine the origins and traditions of the game like golf history, rules and etiquette. Learn the fundamentals of the shots in golf: putting, chipping, pitching, sand play and the full-swing. Discover how grip, stance, posture and alignment play a role in executing a well struck golf shot. Analyze the importance of the body and its role in producing long and straight golf shots. Acquire the basic skills necessary to play on the course all while having fun in the sun!

Please check out the 2014 Summer Academy photo gallery and see camp participants in action!"

Enrichment Classes

Rocketry: Learn how to become a rocketeer by mastering the basics of model rocketry. Have a blast assembling, decorating and launching your own rocket while applying scientific principles such as Newton's Laws, thrust and drag that will help your rocket soar into the sky. You'll participate in an actual rocket launch by the end of the workshop and compete to see whose design flies the highest.

Customizable Cup: Have you ever wondered how digital art is created? Using Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to explore various types of digital art to create personalized artwork on a cup that you can take home!

Alternative Energy: Explore a world with an abundance of renewable resources to choose from. Build a solar station and a wind turbine while learning about renewable energy sources and how these devices can capture electrical energy. This enrichment class will have you exploring options for renewing energy and challenge you to make green choices. Start thinking green.

Marine Life: Ever wonder how a fish breathes underwater? Or how giant squid swims? Answer these and other questions as you take a closer look at marine life. Come learn about the amazing creatures of the sea as you make your first incisions into the anatomy of these aquatic animals.

Vital Vitamins: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." We've all heard that saying before, but what does it mean? What is it about eating fruits and vegetables and taking vitamins that helps keep our bodies healthy and strong? Come participate in hands-on activities as we explore what's really going on in our bodies. Test some of the common foods we eat and see just how rich in vitamins they are. Let's find out how to build a strong immune system and find out why vitamins are vital.

Beginning Golf: This workshop can give you the skills and know-how needed to become comfortable with the game of golf. You will learn all the basics: putting, chipping, pitching and driving, at a world class instructional facility designed by Tom Fazio. Using the best in Nike equipment, our teaching professionals will cover posture, alignment and controlling ball distance.

The Physics of Golf: Golf is a game that requires skill, finesse and practice, but did you know golf is a game of science, too? Explore the game of golf from a scientific perspective to gain a better understanding of how you can control your own golf ball. Students will learn the physics behind ball flight, cope with friction on the putting green and explain scientific concepts like Newton's Laws of Motion.

Golf Club-making Workshop: In this enrichment class, you will learn how to build and craft a golf club. Using professional techniques in math and science, you will explore how loft affects ball flight to make your own club. Best of all, your personally designed club becomes yours to keep.

Sample Summer Academy Weekly Schedule
The chart below is a tentative schedule and does not necessarily indicate the exact weekly schedule.
Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up
Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel
Commuter drop-off Commuter drop-off Commuter drop-off Commuter drop-off
Core Class: Comparative Zoology, Resourceful Robotics, Velocity Racers, Video Game Design, Food Chemistry or Fairway Fundamentals Core Classes All-day excursion at Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Parks. In addition to enjoying the wonders of the landmark theme parks, this day trip includes hands-on science activities related to Disneyland's world-class attractions. (Participants will have lunch and dinner in the theme park.) Core Classes Core Classes
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 Teamingbuilding Activity Teamingbuilding Activity Teamingbuilding Activity Teamingbuilding Activity
Enrichment: Marine Science, Rocketry, Alternative Engery, Customizable Cup, Vital Vitamins, Beginning Golf, Physics of Golf or Clubmaking Enrichment Enrichment Core Classes
Arrival and check-in
Initiative games/ orientation
Family showcase
Bunkhouse move-in
Travel and wash-up Travel and wash-up Travel and wash-up Departure
Icebreakers with groups
Assembly Assembly Assembly
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Break/ Bunkhouse time Break Break Break
Activity Rotations Activity Rotations
Trail Groups/ Activity Rotations (Zip line, pool games, archery, geocaching) Activity Rotations Travel/ washup
Commuters picked up
Night Swim Night Hike Astronomy Night Movie Night Campwide Camp Fire
Lights out Lights out Lights out Lights out Lights out

Disneyland Excursion: Your week at the Tiger Woods Learning Center Summer Academy also includes an all-day trip to Disneyland. In addition to enjoying the wonders of this landmark theme park, this day trip includes hands-on activities related to Disneyland's world class attractions.

Friday Family and Community Showcase: We cordially invite family and friends to our Family and Community Showcase from 2:45-4 p.m. on Friday. Guests can tour the facility and classrooms, meet staff and view student projects. This is an opportunity for participants to showcase what they learned during their time at the TWLC.