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TWLC Student Showcase

Check out the creative written, artistic and video productions of the students of the Tiger Woods Learning Center!


Video Game Programming

Computer Clubhouse students were tasked with designing and coding their own Flash game. Students had to design the logic, levels and art assets from scratch and then program it using Adobe Flash. Download and play each game today!

Please note that each game is an .exe file. This file should not be harmful to your computer, but it could be screened by anti-virus software.

Brick Breakers - Developed by Dylan Davila
Destroy the enemy alien ships in this multi-level space shooter.

Download (.exe) and play this game now »

Wonder World - Developed by Esau Hernandez
Travel through Wonder World and battle mysterious creatures that have filled the planet.

Download (.exe) and play this game now »

Drunk Driving PSA

Sharon created this PSA video for the Courageous Persuaders competition. The competition asked high school students to create a commercial to warn middle school students about the dangers of underage drinking. Sharon used Adobe Premiere to edit her video and Magic Bullet Colorista II for color enhancement.

Why Soda Sucks PSA

Sharon created this PSA video for the Why Soda Sucks competition. The competition asked young Californians, aged 14-21, to talk back to soda marketers about how they feel about the marketing of soda to them. Although she did not win, she did garner an honorable mention. Sharon used Adobe Premiere to edit her video and Magic Bullet Looks for color enhancement.

Mnav's Twin

Have you ever wonder how you'd react if you discovered you had a twin? Mnav made this short video with Adobe Premiere.

Victor's Photo Art

Victor learned how to take a photograph and turn it into a stylist piece of art using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5.



Brian's Lightsaber

Brian is the ultimate Jedi Knight. He's the master of the lightsaber and the controller of lightning. Brian achieved these visual effects with Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

Zack's Laster Eyes

What is your superhero power? Zack wanted to have the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. He used Adobe After Effects to achieve this effect.

Silent Movies

Members were challenged to create a silent video with a given topic -- lost and found. They learned the video production steps to create their one-minute video. They edited their video using Adobe Premiere.

Flying Double

Members who participated in a Computer Clubhouse workshop got an opportunity to learn about special effects that are being used in Hollywood. All the special effects were done using the software Adobe After Effects.

Darrin Chen

Courtney Fortier

Flash Animation: Courtney

Members explored some of the basic tools web designers use to animate their webpages with Adobe Flash. They learned how to draw, audio record, animate objects, animate buttons and design a fully interactive webpage.

Flash Animation: Lisa

Members explored some of the basic tools web designers use to animate their webpages with Adobe Flash. They learned how to draw, audio record, animate objects, animate buttons and design a fully interactive webpage.

Wacom Tablet Drawings

These two young ladies -- Jessica Phan and Nayma Villalpando -- are blossoming artists. They use the Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop to create awesome, detailed original art works.

Jessica Phan

Nayma Villalpando

Anaheim Water Conservation Contest

Two TWLC members, Sharon Don and Marbet Cruz, created the video below as part of the water conservation contest sponsored by Anaheim Public Utilities. The contest challenged Anaheim students to develop innovative ideas to promote water conservation in their community. The top three videos were given the opportunity to showcase their videos to the City of Anaheim community in May as part of Water Awareness Month.

Ecommercial Competition

Two of our members, Navdeep Kaur and Uriel Flores (both seniors), participated in the Volcom/LEAF (Leaders of Environmental Action Films) "Ecommercial" competition. The competition challenged Orange County high school students to create an original 30- or 60-second "Ecommercial" focused on raising awareness of key environmental issues such as clean oceans, plastic pollution, efficient water use, organic farming, renewable energy, recycling, repurposing and sustainability. Out of 110 video submissions this year, Uriel was one of four finalists. He received the People's Choice Award for his video. Some of the prizes he received included Volcom products, a surfboard, X Games tickets and Disneyland tickets. All of the finalists' videos were shown at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Uriel Flores' Ecommercial

Navdeep Kaur's Ecommercial

Kent: Stop Motion

Kent Nguyen, a junior at Savanna High School, playfully experiments with stop-motion software and his camera.

Stick Figure Animation

These were some projects created by members with Pivot Stickfigure Animator. It is an application that allows the simple creation of stick-figure animations.

Your Name in Flame

This is one of the projects for the COP Graphic Design class. The students learn how to use the different filters in Adobe Photoshop to create a flame text.


Student PSAs

Environmental PSARecycling PSA
Tolerance PSAJackie for President
Saying 'Hi'

Save TWLC a Spot in College

Save these TWLC students a spot in college!


Adam's Donut Island

This project was created in Bryce 5.5 by Adam Nassman. It is one of the many workshops offered at the Computer Clubhouse. Bryce is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation program specializing in fractal landscapes.

Graphic Design Careers

These sample projects are from the Career Orientation Program's graphic design sessions. The students learn how to use a digital camera and the Internet to search and save images. Afterward, they learn to use Adobe Photoshop to create a career project -- a profession they see themselves in the future.

Juan - ActorDylan - Author
Yasmine - ArtistEdgar - Dentist
Brenda - TeacherEsmeralda - Chef
Faith - PharmacistElysha - Photographer
Luis - PoliticianShaquille - Firefighter

Kung Fu Poster

This project involved using Adobe Photoshop and the different filters to create an old style Kung Fu poster.


Chris Cain

The Gap Master


Luis Gasga

Melina Cruz

Tin Ho


Victor's Stick Man Comics

Victor likes to draw. He drew the background and scanned it. He imported the scanned image into Photoshop and added himself to the picture.