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Tiger Woods Learning Center - OC



Volunteer opportunities are also available at the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Volunteers can get involved in academic mentoring, classroom assistance or recreation programming. We look for talented and dedicated individuals who share our vision and will serve as role models for our students.

  • Volunteer Application - Learn more about our exciting volunteer opportunities in academics, technology, recreation and administrative support.

Speaker Bureau

The Speakers' Bureau is one additional avenue to reach the students of the TWLC through exposing them to future opportunities and careers. By inviting successful individuals to present on their field of expertise, we hope to open the students' eyes to a world of possibilities and to impart a sense of dedication to their dreams. We are looking for speakers to tell their story and share meaningful experiences with the audience. The speaking engagements take place during our afterschool program (CEP/CPP) to students in 7th through 12th grade.

The presentation ideally will be approximately 30-45 minutes, including enough time for questions and answers. We encourage speakers to give students some background on themselves, as well as their current positions and accomplishments, and the challenges associated with their success. In addition, if it is appropriate, demonstrations or examples of your work can be included.

If you are interested in volunteering as a speaker, please contact the TWLC by calling 714.765.8000.