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    • Fit Plan

      Developed and tested at the groundbreaking Tiger Woods Learning Center, the Fit Plan is a unique curriculum focusing on Living Healthy through nutrition activities, exercise and diet.

    • Explore your career interests!

      Participate in our online activities: take a survey to find careers you might like, find volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood and explore
      the real-life details of different career paths!

    • Contact us for more information

      If you have any comments, feedback or reactions related to Tiger's Action Plan or questions about making donations, we'd like to hear from you!

  • Important Information
    Volunteer Match
    Community service is central to the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Find a place to volunteer now!
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    Fit Plan Supplemental Activities

    Check out these additional activities from the Fit Plan to help enhance your classroom experience and get your students living healthy!

    Past Lessons

    Each month, we post new lessons from the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Check out the past lessons we've shared.

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    Get started on your future

    It's never too early to prepare for your future career! Explore the best way to get going on 25 popular career paths.

    A nationwide reach

    TWLC Lessons have been used by educators in schools and organizations across the country with great success.

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